Crewe Capital, LLC is an independent investment banking, securities,
and mergers and acquisitions firm that provides a wide range of financial
services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes
corporations, financial institutions, and family offices.

The firm is headquartered in Salt Lake City with offices in New York City and Denver.

Crewe Capital, LLC member FINRA/SIPC.


Crewe Capital is a carefully curated team of finance professionals focused
on creating value for clients with the highest standard of values.

Crewe Capital is aptly named after the city of Crewe, England,
a small manufacturing town north of London. Since
1946, the working-class township has manufactured some
of the world’s finest automobiles, including Rolls Royce
and Bentley.

Crewe Capital has taken the city of Crewe, with its reputation
for hard work, integrity, and attention to detail,
as inspiration to provide the financial industry’s finest services,
including a culture of hard work, professionalism, a craftsman’s
dedication to quality, and a commitment to customer service.


The C represents the company name, Crewe. Crewe originates from the word crew. The use of C in the company logo serves as a symbol of the firm’s origin and a reminder to always work as a team.


Oxford Blue

Loyalty, truth, strength,
and steadfastness


Integrity and wisdom


The two stripes represent Crewe’s core values. The stripes run parallel to each other and continue in an ascending direction forward, a reflection of Crewe’s dual-purpose strategy towards success alongside clients and their interests. The upward direction is meant to reflect Crewe’s ‘Never Behind’ philosophy.

Vertical Stripe 1

Represents Crewe’s commitment to success and achieving the best.

Vertical Stripe 2

Represents Crewe’s strong commitment to integrity and determination to never compromise that which is morally right.

Parallel Stripes

Represent Crewe’s alignment of interests with its clients.

Since its founding, the professionals of Crewe Capital have supported a wide array of charitable and nonprofit organizations in communities around the world by donating time, expertise, and resources. Through Crewe Kids, firm professionals are carrying on that proud legacy and making a real difference in the neighborhoods where they work and live.

Crewe Kids is committed to enacting measurable change and seeks to support those organizations that could do more good with more resources. We look first to help those who can’t help themselves, with a special focus on children and young people.

Crewe Kids is a Component Fund of a 501(c)(3), nonpartisan, nonsectarian public charity dedicated as a grant making organization to increase philanthropy. There are no operational expenses or salaries paid by the foundation. Founders, board members, and staff donate their time and resources to help those in need.